Optimized-13055839_1186416814702918_6218509073579234107_oMuzikaviva is the oldest independent Slovene music institute. This year we are celebrating the 25 anniversary. Few enthusiasts started their mission, how to approach music to people, a waring that music means so much to all of us. We start to teach popular music, start to rise the level of music taste, counting a reach tradition of Slovene music heritage, we start to establish a music centers all over Slovenia. We were first who provided a music technology to music classes, establish a music computer to the classrooms as a necessary accessory, we were the first who started to teach recording techniques and digital pro audio and so we build a professional recording studio as a standalone department and as an accessory for our students. We start to invite famous musicians from all over the world and organize clinics and masterclass. Our collaboration with famous domestic and foreign institutions reach the climax at Midem. Muzikaviva was a member of the organizing board, which helped on famous Slovenia presentation at MIDEM 2008 and also exhibits at Slovenian bot. For several years we helped the Slovenian association of composers in realisation of recording session on their concert activities. Muzikaviva also collaborate with SIGIC. Janez Hostnik founder of  Muzikaviva is also a member of Sigic´s supervising board. In 2010 Gis Muzikaviva is starting a close collaboration with SNG opera and bale house Ljubljana as audio and video technical support. But this is certainly not the end. We want to share our reach experience with others. We want to make exchanges of students and teachers. We search for a similar music institutions for join venture projects, which help to understand, how important is a music education, understanding music and what brings music to the world. Can you imagine the world without music? No, my friend, it won´t go. So, music colleagues, we are ready for a serious music conversation. With music we certainly make the world better and brighter.